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Net Servicing LLC Sends Itemized Billing Statements

November 25, 2015
Getting a phone bill that is larger than you expected can be an enraging and confusing prospect. Usually, there is no explanation of the extra charges, just a note that the customer owes a particular amount. If you want to investigate the matter further, a customer needs to call a particular number. Usually, they wait in queue for quite a long time, sometimes hours, before actually speaking to someone about their bill. Even after speaking to them, the matter is rarely cleared up because their billing process is covered by a fog of confusion. This results from phone companies using dozens, sometimes hundreds, of different rates and charges.

None of these things happens to customers of Net Servicing LLC. They send transparent billing statements that are itemized for every single charge. That means if you have a question about a charge, it is listed out on the bill in front of you. If you are still confused you can call and talk with a human within minutes about it. There are also only a couple of different rates under Net Servicing LLC. Making the switch to Net Servicing LLC isn't hard either, you just call 1-877-572-2069 and speak to a staffer about beginning the process.